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Top 3 Mistakes Marketers make with Brand Ambassadors – and how to overcome them!

Direct to consumer marketing requires engaging a ground team. Teams go by many names including brand ambassadors, activation teams, brand champions and more. They could quite literally, make or break a product or service. When they are ineffective, the campaign that possibly took months to bring to life becomes a failure, and waste of resources. What is going wrong though?

Here are 3 top mistakes marketer’s make with Brand Ambassadors.

Inadequate Training

Training extends beyond basic brand knowledge. It includes etiquette, behavior and a clear indication of KPIs. This requires time, and a detailed plan. With clear objectives through training, brand ambassadors deliver measurable results.

Meeting the team once or twice and telling them about your brand is inadequate. Create an extensive plan, with quizzes and role play activities. Assess them, and take your pick of the best.

Zero Product Knowledge

Your brand ambassadors need to be authentic, both in the understanding of the brand, and their communication of it. There should be no questions that they cannot answer about the brand.

A walk through would immediately elevate their product knowledge. In addition, immersion with your product, where they touch, see, taste and experience it directly. This would also entail first-hand experience of where the product is being sold, how it is displayed, who is the competition, what the typical customer looks like and much more.

The Wrong Personality

Bottom line, you want someone with the right personality representing your brand. This calls for a person that is confident, well spoken, has the right appearance and will engage the customer.

Avoid falling into the trap of ‘giving someone a chance’ because they ‘really want the job’. This also applies to hiring someone just because 'they look good'. They need to be all rounded especially with training beyond product knowledge. The brand ambassador is the face of your brand, and needs to represent the values of your product. Choose the right personality for this.

Are you having trouble with any of these challenges? Reach out to us at Pink Africa Marketing and let’s brainstorm. The solution could be just a call away.


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