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It’s Time to Take Mall Activations to the Next Level

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

What is the typical content within a mall activation report?

The basic sections I am familiar with include: -

- Brief and Objectives

- Activities (The Plan, the Execution, What Worked, What Didn’t Work)

- Sales or Targets

- Customer Engagement Number and Feedback

- Recommendations

Reports are a great source of information for a marketing agency to justify a market activation and communicate ‘great’ results. However, once the report has been reviewed, does it move beyond the brand or marketing manager and make it to the MD? Does it ever make it to the board? Is it a tool for strategic decision-making for the business?

As a marketer or marketing agency, if you are wondering what the answers to these questions are, then quite possibly, your well-crafted report becomes redundant moments after the presentation.

Marketing is a powerful tool for business growth, and when a marketing agency is contracted to execute an activation, the results require deep analysis. As an agency owner, I look forward to the day that the marketing agency brief begins with a strategic direction conversation with the highest level of management. I would like to understand the long-term goals of my client and recommend spaces and activities that feed into meeting audacious goals. But I digress, this article is about taking mall activations to the next level.

The Why, How, Where, and What

First, it is to understand the ‘why’ behind the mall activation. Mall activations allow for brand creativity and expression, direct and immediate communication, building emotive connections, and driving sales by elevating the shopper's journey. And mall activations deliver exceptional ROI for clients.

Second, understand the ‘how’ of mall activations. Interaction is key which requires an immersive experience. Those who participate in your mall activation should be excited to share your brand with their family and friends. This is why they should never leave empty-handed. Always plan for a keepsake that will reignite their memory each time they look at it. Furthermore, think like a phone producing company, constantly building on existing features to drive sales. What are the next features that will make your mall activation cutting edge?

Third, is the ‘where’ of mall activations. Malls around the country currently have empty shops because of the covid-19 pandemic. Have you considered having a pop-up shop activation in one of these spaces? In addition to allowing for direct sales with your customers, you also get adequate space to help you create an unforgettable experience.

The ‘what’ is entirely up to the brand owner and marketing agency. It should answer the question, ‘why would a consumer care about this mall activation’? The overall experience needs to help you connect with your consumer on a deep, emotional level so that it is impactful enough to drive long-term loyalty.

So, in your next brainstorm, consider how to take mall activations to the next level. Look past just the activity and quantify the picture of success beyond sales. If you need to bounce your ideas off an enthusiastic and experienced marketing professional, reach out to us at Pink Africa Marketing for a marketing consultation. Check out the link below to book a meeting, or give me a call on +254 725 106701


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