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Hidden Marketing Opportunities – The Next 60 Days

Marketing is being pushed in to evolution, especially when it comes to direct to consumer marketing interactions. To begin with, this may seem like adaunting time, where activations are reduced due to the on going global pandemic.Let us explore the emerging opportunities, and how to make the most of them.There is a lot that can be accomplished in this time. Even from home, you can change your business in the next 60 days.

How to identify new short-term opportunities

Many marketers are exploring the opportunities that are now being presented in the digital marketing space. Statistically, it appears that the lockdown of marketing activities may continue for 60 days. The question we should be asking is, what happens next? Here are a few ideas to evaluate: -

  • Create a detailed marketing plan – Now is the time to do a full brand evaluation, including short term and long-term goals. Outline a detailed plan for successful execution, including how to measure results. By the time things go back to normal, your agencies will be well equipped to get you back on track.

  • Embrace technology – Start using Zoom to have your meetings. Decisions can still be made through brainstorms and consultation online. Create an online system for your approvals.

  • Focus on your customer – Explore digital ways to connect with your customers and get their feedback on your products and services. They will have time to get detailed, giving you valuable information for improvement.

  • Merchandise – As people are shopping more, and in bulk, ensure that your products are well merchandised in all your stores. This will require dedicated people on ground, or even take safe measures to seed your product.

Learning from home is an excellent way to keep active, and engage the mind.

Schools have jumped on the bandwagon and are offering online learning solutions, especially for candidate students. As a company, you can also take advantage of this time by ensuring that all ground teams go through capacity building training on online platforms. Now is a great time to embed brand knowledge and understanding.

Some marketing and growth services available including: -

1. Champion Your Brand Excellence Training By Monday 23rd March 2020, our training will be offered digitally. We are offering training for brand ambassadors over 8 sessions, with each session including assignments for evaluation. These help to shape them into the right people to promote your product or service. The right team in place is excellent for conversion.

2. Marketing Done Right Podcast Listen to weekly marketing musings, that explore what is happening in marketing today in Kenya and the world. A great forum for SME’s offering tips and tricks, as well as a sharing of minds from marketing professionals. Our podcast is currently available through WhatsApp – reach out to +254725106701 for the joining link.


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