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Excellence Training is Here!!

Elevate your brand by having an Excellent Promotion Team

There is a secret that many marketing professionals do not share. It is ……………………… where they started out. At Pink Africa Marketing, our top management all started out from the same place around 15 years ago. They started out as brand ambassadors. These are the brand ambassadors who talk directly to the customer, promoting a product or service. Ideally, brand ambassadors create awareness and drive sales. However, though years have passed and there are many things that have changed, some have stayed the same. Training, sadly, needs a boost in evolution.

Companies indeed take time to train – the question is, what are the brand ambassadors being trained on? Typically, there is training on product or service attributes, expected targets to be met, etiquette and dressing. Expectations regarding targets or expected feedback are outlined, and the team are then sent out to represent the brand.

Often, the brand ambassadors do not deliver as expected. Even worse, in some cases, they do not even show up to work on time (or at all). A lack of ownership, and belief in their relevance may be to blame. Also, like the PAM management, this may be their first job and they have no idea what to expect or what to deliver. This is where comprehensive Excellence Training comes in.

Pink Africa Marketing have devised a training program that teaches the following: -

1. The First Impression – How to leave a lasting, and positive, impression when getting the job. Understanding the role of the brand ambassador and the potential workspaces

2. The Rules of Engagement – How to fully understand a customer and engage effectively. Includes role play exercises that teaches the team to think on their feet and provide unique, relevant responses to enquiries.

3. Skills Assessment – Identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each brand ambassador. Necessary to ensure that individuals are placed in the right activities to drive results.

4. Project Appraisal – How to provide innovative and actionable reports that will help product owners and managers make decisions for the growth of the product and service. Also, how to conduct a post project evaluation to determine its success.

This intense training program takes place over a period of 8 hours (which can be broken down into weekly modules or offered in one day as a workshop). Training includes practice assignments that help with developing practical skills. If you are interested in getting your teams enrolled for training, here is what you can do.

Find out more about how to get a trainer by reaching out to us at Pink Africa Marketing, through or +254 725 106701. Remember, it is not just about getting the job done, but delivering excellence!


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