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Briefing Brand Ambassadors – 4 Simple Steps to Get You Started

You are about to put your business in the hands of a total stranger. Take a moment to think about this…………………………… more second…………………… Alright, now you have taken it in. Well, to be fair, you are being responsible about it. You have not just picked someone up off the street – there is a vetting and interview process, selection and then training. Brand ambassadors or sales promoters are powerful individuals when it comes to controlling your business. They need to be well equipped.

Consider the following. A leading soft drink beverage is planning to do a promotion within a supermarket. They have engaged a team of young, good looking and enthusiastic people to carry out the exercise. The team have gone through a product immersion, sampling the product and learning about all the attributes. They have also been trained on customer service, how to answer questions and how to look presentable. They are ready for the workplace.

Upon entry into the shop, they call up all their friends to come sample. Before you know it, you have run out of samples, there is no ROI and they don’t see what the big deal is. After all, you wanted people to taste your offering.

This, and lots more grief can be avoided if you start off on the right footing with the briefing. Here are four steps to help you out.

1. Provide Deep Product Insight

Brand Ambassadors need full product knowledge of the product or services they are providing. This goes beyond the attributes of the product and goes as far as understanding the company’s mission and vision. In the same way you would train your management team when immersing them into the brand, you should train the team that will execute for you on ground.

2. Empower Them to Provide Competent Advice

Customers are often not simply buying your product; they are buying the after-effects of what your product is offering. BAs should be able to provide guidance and advice on the benefits of your product to reassure them of the customer of their purchase decision.

3. Keep Accurate Records

Your BA needs to submit a report every day, and you should have a mechanism in place to counter check their report. This report should include the level of interest from customers, key enquiries received, samples given, flyers distributed, sales and so on.

4. Focus on Customer Service Excellence

The customer comes first and should always hold a positive space in the mind of the brand ambassador. With customer excellence training, brand ambassadors are less likely to short-change the customer, and the client. Excellence requires understanding the customer, their demographics, buyer behaviour, journey in the store and more. Walk the brand ambassador through these factors for them to also take ownership of the brand.

At Pink Africa Marketing, we have a range of marketing and growth services available including Champion Your Brand Excellence Training. Through qualified and experienced trainers, we offer training to brand ambassadors over 8 intense hourly sessions. This helps to shape them into the right people to promote your product or service. The right team in place is all you need for building customer loyalty, and growing sales.


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